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  • 1.1 Healthy active lifestyles
    • Social Benefits
      • improve team work and leadership skills.
      • Make new friends
    • Physical Benefits
      • Improves health, performance and fitness (strength, endurance and flexibility)
    • Mental benefits
      • Feel good factor = serotonin is released
      • Stress relief and increased self-esteem
    • Influences to do the Physical Activity
      • People: parents encourage their children, peer pressure, role models
      • Gender: Sexism can deter women from sports such as boxing.
      • Race, religion and culture: eg. Muslim women have to their bodies covered up so can't swim.
      • Age: Older people more physically limited, so cannot play sports such as boxing and rugby.
    • Time & Resources
      • Being able to go to a nearby gym or club and having the resources there eg gym nearby.


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