10 facts about Othello

There is 10 interesting facts about Othello in mindmap

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  • 10 facts about Othello
    • In Shakespeare's source material, the only character with a name is Desdemona
    • The character of Roderigo doesn't exist in Cinthio's Un Capitano Moro
    • Iago is by far the most verbose character of the play
    • The name 'Othello' means wealth
    • The subject of interracial marriage wasn't tackled again in mainstream entertainment until 1967's Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
    • The word 'honesty' or variants thereof are used 52 times over the course of the play
    • Unlike many of Shakespeare's plays, Othello wasn't adapted during the Restoration period
    • The first film version of Othello was made in 1909 and shot in Venice
    • The play was first performed in 1604 at Whitehall Palace
    • There are currently 20 film versions and adaptations of the play


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