10. Data and information

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  • 10. Data and information
    • Data -> Process -> Information
      • Good quality information must be: accurate, up to date, complete, relevant, from a reliable source and timely
        • Accurate - Bills, customer won't want to pay more and companies don't want to lose money
        • Reliable source - Can we trust the info provider, BBC or Wiki?
        • Up to Date - Seat bookings so no seats are booked twice
        • Relevant - People sent advertisements must have an interest in the company otherwise its a waste of money.
        • Complete -  to avoid problems such as having to make two deliveries to the same customer to complete an order    
        • Timely - any info needed for a meeting should be there beforehand.
    • DATA
      • Ie. telephone number, address or name.
      • Data -  raw facts and figures that can be turned into something meaningful - information.
      • Telephone numbers - cannot be calculated, used to contain letters and is a code
      • Image, Audio, Text, Number


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