10. Life after Death: Evaluation of Plato's approach

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  • 10. Life after Death: Evaluation of Plato's approach
    • Major influence on Christian thought
      • Immortality of soul
    • Noeton/heaven?
    • Later ideas of reincarnation re similar to eastern religious notions of rebirth
    • Helps explain the individuality of people (links with Freud's Id, Ego and Superego)
    • Supporter: Descartes (Dualist):
      • Soul is centre of identity
      • Body/Soul somehow joined together but experienced separately
      • "I think therefore I am"
      • Cartesian dualism:
        • Immaterial mind and material body (distinct substances) still intact
        • Mental events cause physical events, and vice-versa.
          • How can immaterial mind cause anything in material body, and vice versa?
            • "problem of interactionism"
    • Peter Geach rejects Plato's view.
      • How can a disembodied soul see the Forms - this experience is linked to the body and senses
    • Problems arise because all 3 elements are seen as necessary
      • Appetitive and spirited elements seem to be connected to bodily llife
      • If the soul is free when the body dies what happens to the appetitive part which is connected with the body
      • Is the soul no longer complete?
      • Issues of personal identity if only parts of soul survive


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