Heart Disease

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    • Life style factors:
      • POOR DIET: Chloestrol makes up fatty deposits in damaged arteries, if blood cholestrol level is too high then heart disease risk is increased. High blood cholestrol is linked to eating foods high in saturated fat. A diet high in salt increases blood pressure and heart disease risk.
      • STRESS: long term stress increases blood pressure and risk of heart disease.
      • SMOKING: CO and nicotine are found in cigarette smoke, increasing the risk of heart disease. CO reduces the amount of O the blood can carry, if the heart muscle doesn't receive oxygen there will be a heart attack.
      • Misuse of illegal drugs: cause increase heart rate and therefore blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks.
      • Excessive alcohol drinking: increases blood pressure and risk of heart attack.
    • Epidemiological studies can identify risk factors
      • Eg you could study a group of people who all had heart disease to look for lifestyle similarities that may have contributed.
      • Large scale genetic studies. Mapping the genetic makeup of a large group of people to spot similarities between people who had heart disease.


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