The Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty Of Versailles!


The conference and the BIG THREE!

  • Lloyd George- Britan
  • Clemencau - France
  • Wilson - USA

 Expectations of the treaty!

  • The people in europe wanted lasting peace
  • They also wanted germany to pay for the damage done (from the war) and revenge (for the war).


The big three expected to base the treaty on the terms of the cimistice, which where much harsher...

  • German army disbanded,and germany to give up their navy.
  • allied troops to occupy the rhineland.
  • repirations for the damage and war losses.

The aims of the big three!

Lloyd George -

  • A just peace that would be tough enough to please the people

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Thu 28th March, 2013 @ 14:04

haha, i love this resource! it's really colourful and cheerful- thankyou :)

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