Job Rotation

Relevant to all levels - especially created for AS. Describes, Strengths, Weaknesses, Examples of businesses that use Job Rotation.

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Job Rotation
· This is where the job is extended
to provide a greater variety of
· This is done horizontally; meaning
that there are more tasks but at
the same level of responsibility.

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Stacking shelves
Meat Counter
Fish Counter

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Examples of companies
who use job rotation:
· McDonalds
· LG
· Primark

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· It relives boredom.
· Allows for a wider range of skills
for workers who become more
flexible which results in more
motivated workers.
· If an employee is ill they can
easily be covered.
· Avoids repetition.

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· Disadvantages includes training time and
· Unchallenging job still.
· Could be seen as a greater number of
more boring tasks with less social benefits
(less time to socialise as learning new
· Groups constantly changing.


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