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General Certificate of Secondary Education
Foundation Tier and Higher Tier
June 2010
Geography 40353F & 40353H
(Specification B)
Paper 3
For use with Question 1
Figure 2
Bang & Olufsen Factory
Bang & Olufsen make high quality electronic equipment at their factory in Struer, Denmark.
0 50 km To Thisted N Key
Skagerrak area
Bang &
Struer Struer Olufsen
North factory
Denmark road
Baltic To Viborg 0 ½ km
N Sea To Holstebro
Insert to June 2010 40353F & 40353H 6/6/ M/40353F & 40353H

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For use with Question 2
Figure 7
The Broads is Britain's biggest
In 2007 The Broads had 5.4 million
wetland area. It is home to some of
visitor days. 70% of visitors stayed in
the rarest plants, animals and birds
The Broads area at least one night.
in the UK.
There are nearly 13 000 boats.
We get lots of tourists in the summer.

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For use with Question 2
Figure 8
Turn over
INSERT TO M/Jun10/40353F & 40353H

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For use with Question 2
Figure 11
Botswana in Africa has large areas of unspoilt wilderness. Safari tourism is
becoming an important source of income.
Tourist safari in Botswana
We can develop more tourist lodges for
people to view our wildlife. Tourism will Will ecotourism help enough
be good for the country if we can make local people?
it sustainable.


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