The Nazi Party 1924 - 1929

A mindmap on the Nazi party 1924 - 1929

  • The Nazi party 1924 - 1929
    • Party rallies
      • Military style parades
    • Party organisation
      • Hitler re-organised the party to make it more efficiant
    • Propoganda
      • Skillfully worded to include an anti-jewish message
    • Nazi organisations
      • Set up to appeal to specific groups of people
        • Studants
        • Women
        • Teachers
        • Youth
        • Men
    • Bamberg conference
      • A meeting in which Strasser and Geobbles wanted the Nazis to become more socialist
    • The SA
      • An organisation that put emphisis on disaplin
    • Mein Kampf
      • A book wrote by Hitler while he was in prison
      • Became popular after Hitler's trial

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